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The Truth About Condensing Boilers...

  • Condensing boilers have been mandatory since 2005 for gas-fired boiler installations and 2007 for oil-fired boilers. (Part L1 Building Regulations)
  • Water vapour is produced during combustion and the boiler condenses this to liquid water, recovering its latent heat.
  • The efficiency of a condensing boiler is around 90% and a standard boiler around 70%. (SEDBUK rating guide)
  • However, the best kept boiler secret is that it is only at start-up that a condensing boiler will condense efficiently.

  • By installing our Central Heating management  system, your condensing boiler will condense all of the time and therefore will always work at maximum efficiency. This is made possible by dropping the temperature at the boiler down to 60°, which falls within the effective condensing range.